SIGNL4 Integration with RudderStack

RudderStack is a real-time event streaming for customer data allowing customers to quickly deploy flexible, powerful customer data pipelines, then send the data to their entire stack – without the engineering headache.

SIGNL4 extends RudderStack and adds app-based mobile alerting and incident response including push, SMS text, voice calls, escalations and collaboration. The integrated duty planning helps you to schedule your team’s on-call duties and allows you to see how is on duty at any given time.

In the RudderStack you can add your SIGNL4 destination.

SIGNL4 is available as a Destination in RudderStack. You can just insert it and configure your parameters accordingly.

The most important setting is the API Key which is your SIGNL4 team secret. The rest is optional.

Once configured you can use SIGNL4 in your connection in order to alert your team.


The alert in SIGNL4 might look like this.

SIGNL4 Alert

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