SIGNL4 Integration with ZentinelMDS Obsrv!

The combination of SIGNL4 with Obsrv! from ZentinelMDS provides a seamless solution to manage alerts in manufacturing environments. Obsrv! simplifies the acquisition of signals from all kind of industrial devices (from simple discrete sensors to complex controllers or smart instruments), the local execution of the alert logic and the communication with SIGNL4.

All that is needed to link Obsrv! to SIGNL4 is Node-RED. This enables the transmission of data to SIGNL4 through the existing SIGNL4 Nodes and thus the alerting of your SIGNL4 team.

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The integration is realised via Node-RED, which runs on Obsrv!. You can use the existing SIGNL4 Nodes for this. A more detailed description of the integration of SIGNL4 with Node-RED can be found here.


The alert in SIGNL4 might look like this.

SIGNL4 Alert

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