SIGNL4 Integration with Slack

The SIGNL4 Slack App connects your Slack channels with your SIGNL4 team and all events and alerts that SIGNL4 processes.

The SIGNL4 app for Slack provides:

  • Notifications about new SIGNL4 alerts in the Slack channels
  • Notifications in the Slack channels when SIGNL4 alerts are confirmed, annotated, or closed

The SIGNL4 app also allows to:

  • Change your duty status in SIGNL4
  • Trigger new SIGNL4 alerts to your operations team
  • Acknowledge or close SIGNL4 alerts from within a Slack channel

To link the app with Slack you need to enter your SIGNL4 credentials.

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Here is a video on how to integrate SIGNL4 with Slack.

The alert in SIGNL4 might look like this.

SIGNL4 Alert

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